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  • Hot sale 1320nm 1064nm 532nm beauty machine q-switched laser tattoo removal machine
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    Q-Switch Nd Yag Laser Series

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    How does Q switched Nd: YAG Laser work?

    Tattoo removal by Q-switched laser uses a process known as the 'photoacoustic effect'. When the laser energy is absorbed by the tattoo pigment an extremely high temperature is generated - typically thousands of degrees. However, this high temperature is not sustainable and so it 'collapses.'
    This produces an acoustic wave to form around the pigment particles. The result of this wave is a shattering of the particles of ink into smaller fragments. The body's own defense mechanisms then remove these smaller particles leaving behind the larger tattoo pigmentation. Subsequent treatments will induce the same 'shattering' effect on the remaining ink particles until they eventually all disappear.


    Type of laser
    ND Yag laser/Q-switch
    Aming Light
    Red infrared light
    Pulse width
    Recurrence rate
    8.0 inch color touch screen
    Laser wavelength
    Laser Recurrence rate
    Red infrared light
    1-8mm(continously adjustable)
    Laser robs
    yellow crystal rods
    Cooling system


    Powerful 1200mJ Energy
    Alexandrite crystal provides Ultra Low Pulse Width of only 3.5ns
    Convenient New-developed hand piece, easily replaceable
    Red aiming beam for accurate treatment
    Colour Touch Screen
    Screen Water flow and temp monitor
    Multilingual arbitrary switching, anywhere in the world can be easily grasped

    Scope of Treatment

    1. Remove all sorts of color tattoo.
    2. Pigmentary skin lesions and mixed pigment formation of pigmentation, dermal spots, freckles, moles, birthmarks, nevus of ota.
    3. Effectively remove all kinds of eyebrow tattoo, the embroider eyebrow, lip, eyeliner and lip liner.
    Attention: 1064nm laser is used to blue, black, blue pigmentation. 532nm laser is used to remove red, coffee, brown pigmentation

    1320 black doll treatment:
    Principle: The product using nanometer active carbon adsorption characteristic and the tight ultrafrne characteristics, effectively in-depth pores and tightly suck the grease and dirt living annoying in soft skin dirt, and under the laser irradiation, fully absorb, causing the laser energy superpower carbon powder, can effectively shatter blasting heat energy produced deep dirt, fully stimulate the dermal collagen skin and the collagen fiber new organization, thus reach whitening, shrinking pale spot, shrink pores, to the effect of black. Contain vitamin B3 and B5 can effectively protect skin, gentle care skin. After use, can be easily to undertake deep-seated cleanness, make your hair plug meal 
    purify pores open the oil problem, improve acne problem, promote skin metabolism, leave skin tender, fine, smooth, bright and relaxed. Wrinkle reduction and Firming  Skin Whitening and Care Anti-senile and tender-skin 


    Whitening: remove superficial pigments, improve skin tone
    Rejuvenation: remove fine lines and lift up flabby skin
    Improving skin condition: Tighten skin pore, control excessive oil generation
    Deep Cleaning: remove cutin and comedo, clear skin dirt

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