Liposonix Hifu Lipohifu Slimming Machine for Body Weight Loss

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Working Principle
High Intensity Focused Ultrasound penetrates focused and volumetric ultrasonic energy at precise depth (13mm, 8mm) in subcutaneous fat layers targeting fat tissue causing a non-thermal effect. The surrounding structures such as the epidermis, blood vessels and nerves will not be damaged. Meanwhile the metabolized contents (triglyceride, fatty acid) of cells will excrete outside body automatically through blood circulation and lymphatic drainage without harm to the human body. Non-surgical treatment, one treatment will loss about 3-8cm.

Fat reduction ( arm, abdomen, hip, thigh , crus )
Body lifting
Body contouring

Non-invasive single treatment results
Fast treatments in about an hour (on average)
Versatility in treating different areas of stubborn fat
Precise targeting of fat even within small and curved areas
Results seen in 8 to 12 weeks
Minimal discomfort
Little to no downtime

Before, During and After Treatment
• Average treatment time for abdomen and flanks is about one hour
Office visit time may vary
• Sensations

During treatment: discomfort, pain, cold, prickling, tingling, or warmth
After treatment: pain (discomfort), redness, and swelling, bruising later, generally rated mild

>90% patients respond to only one treatment
Results start after a couple of weeks – final result not
until 2-3 months
Average reduction 2.6cms (1 inch) after 1 treatment
Harder to put on fat in the area of treatment
Can have another treatment after 3 months if desired

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