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Beauty information

CO2 Laser Machine Get rid of scars

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The skin of the human body is very fragile. When the wound is healed, the skin itself can only complete part of the repair, resulting in some scars that cannot be healed on the skin. The daily external scar removal method is often only shallow for a small part. Or good governance scars are useful, most of them are ineffective, this time we will use the role of external forces to stimulate skin repair.

RF Fractional CO2 Laser Machine

CO2  laser machine  differs from traditional laser surgery in its role in a wide range of functions and can address a variety of skin problems including acne marks, dull skin, freckles, and skin scars.CO2 laser machine uses lasers to evenly mark some tiny holes on the skin to stimulate the skin to cause biochemical reactions, initiate self-repair, achieve skin rejuvenation, firmness and remove all kinds of scars.

The advantages of CO2 laser machine

More humane: Due to the controllability of the dot laser, the size and diameter of the treatment hole can be modified according to the different conditions of the individual's skin, which is more suitable for their own.

Reliable and effective: The dot laser is certified by the government and is treated by professional doctors. Experienced doctors can bring you more reliable and effective treatment based on past clinical science and technology.

Wound healing is fast: Because the laser beam from the lattice laser is very small, the wounds caused by the laser beam are easier to heal, and the uniform application will not cause the flare to overlap, so the skin can be quickly repaired in many aspects. .

The recovery period is short: Certainly in the earlier cosmetic projects, the recovery time of the Eurostar lattice laser is shorter. It takes only 3-6 days to complete the process of shedding, and the appearance of the skin is naturally restored.