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After laser treatment, how to skin care?

Time:2018-9-25     Views:720

Since some laser treatments leave tiny wounds and scars on the skin, there are many places worth paying attention to in skin care.

1. Since the skin is sensitive to heat after treatment, it should be cleaned with warm or cold water. When cleaning, it should be as gentle as possible. Do not rub it hard.


2. In the moment of treatment with strong light, the free water on the skin is lost in large quantities, so after the treatment is finished, it should be given in a timely manner.


3. The treatment area should be coated with anti-inflammatory ointment (such as erythromycin ointment, chlortetracycline ointment, etc.) 2-3 days, pay attention to the number of smears can not be too much, otherwise it will affect the formation of molting.


4. Do not touch water in the treatment area during recovery. Do not perform skin care, make-up, or rubbing.


5. Do not exercise vigorously during recovery to avoid sweating too much and cause skin infection or delay the repair process.


6. Appropriately give ice or cold spray according to the severity of skin reactions after treatment.


7. Fasting of photosensitive foods and drugs during treatment.


8. During the recovery period, the moltings usually fall off on 7-10 days or so and cannot be peeled off by hand to avoid pigmentation and scarring.


9. Due to individual differences, some individuals will have temporary pigmentation or hypopigmentation after treatment, and these transient changes of pigment will gradually return to normal.


10. Pay attention to sun protection during recovery. Apply sunscreen and umbrellas.