Beauty information

Beauty information

The advantages of 6in1 Oxygen Injector

Time:2018-10-4     Views:908

Removes all kinds of skin rubbish and restores skin's health and color. Ultra-micro bubbles can deep cleanse the skin, remove aged keratinocytes, remove sebum, thoroughly remove various impurities, aphids, and oil residues in the hair follicle funnel without causing pain. Things.

Promote microcirculation, rejuvenate skin - increase the oxygen content of the skin capillaries, and promote skin blood circulation, while the release of reactive oxygen in microbubbles can give the skin anti-free radical effect, which can inhibit the aging of the skin .

Intensive Skin Care - Effective nutrition can be given directly to the deeper layers of the skin to help restore hydration and elasticity.

Multiple skin problems improve together
1, Cleaning the skin of cosmetic residues, remove skin allergens, aphids.
2, Improve acne, folliculitis.
3, Skin whitening, improve dark skin, dark yellow, improve skin texture.
4, According to the different effects of the nutrient solution, the skin has the effect of water, nourishing, and supplementing oxygen.
5, Remove blackheads, improve skin relaxation, shrink pores, increase skin transparency.