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What is IPL SHR ?

SHR : Super Hair Removal (Advanced epilation) is a new technology Revolutionary resulting from the AFT and EDF technology.
SHR combines diode laser technology with intense pulsed light, which results in a virtually painless treatment.


Difference between IPL and IPL SHR traditional or Laser

Traditional laser or IPL technology uses short pulses of about 2-300 milliseconds, using a lot of energy (12-120 J / cm²). The energy
is delivered to the hair roots via melanin where a heat 65-72 degreesoccurred. It is only through melanin that energy reaches the root
the hair follicle. Skin and red blood cells have an absorption coefficientsimilar to melanin and thus absorbs large amounts of energy
by laser or IPL methods.
Furthermore, the SHR technology uses partially view of melanin (50%), and thanks to the In-Motion technology, gently heats the skin
to access follicles where hair is produced


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Funtion of Hair Removal Beauty Machine

1) Hair removal: To remove unwanted hair on any part of body


2) Vascular lesions:  for black & white & yellow skin


3) Skin rejuvenation: tighten skin,lift skin,improve elasticity of skin,spot


4) Acne treatment


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