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  • 360 Magneto-optic Hair Removal Wrinkle Removal Skin Cleaning Machine
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    Working principle

    Magneto-optic Theory is an intelligent, non deprived skin reconstruction system which combined with technology of skin cooling system and intense pulse. Magneto-optic treatment can be applied to any kinds of different skin with different targeted solution base on the above  intelligent technologies. Under the protection of the epidermis completely, magneto-optic technology can uniquely decompose the epidermis and the pigments in the dermis so that the energy is focused on the collagen tissue of the dermis and the hair milk part of the hair follicle.
    What’s more, it is more effective on skin rejuvenation, hair removal and wrinkle removal.



     Optical wavelength  530nm & 640nm
     Frequency  1-5 p/s
     Energy density  1-50J/cm2 (IPL)& 1-50J/cm2 (RF)
     Pulse number  1-10
     Surface area of crystal  20nm * 60mm
     Packing size  45*66*117cm
     Power supply  220V/110V
     Output power  2500W
     Light conduction  Direct-coupling cold cutting & Sapphire boule light guide system
     Cold cutting system  Semiconductor refrigeration + Forced air cooling + water cooling
     Crystal temperature  -8℃--1℃
     Connect way  Fast plugged interface
     Water inlet  Lockable
     Operation interface  8 Inch touch color screen
     Control language mode  English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Korean (Various languages can be   chosen or designed.)



    Five Functions 

    360 import magneto-optic hair removal by only 2-3 times
    Effective on decomposing the melanin gradually to achieve skin whitening
    Enough to kill bacteria in pores to removal acne
    Effectively stimulate collagen reorganization to wrinkle removal and skin tightening
    Promote the skin rejuvenation through stimulating the skin regeneration



    Short time
    Every treatment just need 10-20 minutes by quickly pulse wave.
    No side effect
    Without adverse reaction, people feel more comfortable after treatment.
    High safety
    The operation is safe because of different from the traditional way.
    Noninvasive and painless
    Treatment does not need any anesthesia, and just promote slight energy sensation within treatment.


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    About magne to-optic

    1. Whats magneto-optic treatment?

    Recently, as one of the most advanced hi-tech cosmetology project, applied the principle of magnetic crystal to stimulate by the selective light and strong pulse light, magneto-optic can directly illuminate the skin surface to achieve the freckle removal, hair removal,acne removal and skin rejuvenation.

    2. Whats magneto-optic for skin rejuvenation?

    Magneto-optic for skin rejuvenation is an innovative technology that can be used to solve a variety of benign skin lesions, such as skin acne, senile plaque, coarse pores, unrefined blood vessels or other stains and hair removal. In order to achieve the best treatment effect, it provides a safe and no       

    At the time of treatment, the therapeutic lens of the magneto optic rejuvenation depilatory device was put on the skin , and the pulsed light was released. You may feel a little hot on the treatment area.

    Without any anesthesia, the whole usually requires 4 to 6 times of treatments to achieve the best effect with minimal side effects and high satisfaction. It takes about 10 - 20 minutes for each treatment depends on how large of the treatment area.

    3. Why do you need to do few times of treatment?

    The main purpose of the treatment is to reduce the risk of side effects while improving the skin gradually. Most importantly, there is no need to distrust your daily life. You can go to work immediately after each treatment. This is the best convenient way that modern people are looking for.

    4. Which way of special skin care should we do after treatment?

    You don't need do any special care after treatment, but you have to avoid sunlight and ultraviolet radiation in 24 hours. The interval between two times treatment is 28 to 45 days. After treatment, you can see the overall improvement of the whole skin, all the facial defects and pores caused by sunlight and light aging,the pores, pale skin or other abnormal conditions will be significantly improved and eliminated.

    5. Do you have an impact on the perspiration after treatment

    The special spectral segment pulse light emitted by the magneto-optical hair removal instrument can penetrate the root of the hair follicle directly, and use the black pigment cells in the hair follicle to absorb the light of the specific wavelengths, make the hair papilla produce pyrolysis and selectively destroy the hair nipple, avoiding the effect of removing hair at the same time, and at the same time. The effect of skin tender is achieved. sweat glands will not be hurt because sweat glands are still some distance away from hair follicles, and there are no melanomas in sweat glands.

    6. Whats the difference between magneto-optic treatment and traditional cosmetology?

    Over the past decade,  skin rejuvenation has undergone tremendous changes, initially using grinding and chemical deep desquamation, and further laser deep wrinkle removal. Although these methods have some effects in the treatment of some aspects of skin anti-aging, customers usually need a period of time to stop, accompanied by unbearable pain. Painful feelings, potential side effects and loss of income caused by downtime.

    At present, some lasers can be used to treat brown spots, other lasers can be used to treat brown spots, and some can be used on the premise of warts to improve skin lesions and skin structures as a whole. Magneto -optic rejuvenation can treat the entire face, resulting in a pleasing effect beyond the ordinary beauty way. Usually in more than 5 months, 5 to 6 times of treatment, magneto-optic skin rejuvenation can provide customers with gradually improved effect. The extremely lower risk has brought great satisfaction to customers and beauticians.

    7. Does it have a relapse?

    Hereditary lesions do not relapse, such as hereditary freckles, chloasma, and red blood, and may relapse due to endocrine disorders or sun exposure. This needs to adjust your diet and the rule of life.

    8. Whats the difference between 360 Magneto-optic and traditional OPT treatment?

    Firstly, from the perspectives of output of the machine's energy, the energy of the magneto-optic on the treatment area is at least ten times than OPT so that the effect of treatment of magneto-optic is better than the OPT in skin rejuvenation.

    From the operation of the instrument, the magneto-optic handle does not need to replace the filters, the machine automatically selects the required wave length as you need, and it is more convenient for the beauticians to do treatment .

    From the late consumables, the number of magneto-optic gun heads is 50 times than traditional OPT gun heads, and the number of bottom shots can reach 400 thousand times.

    Base on the working principle, magnetic-optic is applied to a perfect pulse and a combination of magnetic crystals, using perfect pulse light to break down the melanin in our skin and magnetic crystals to extract the melanin to one of our epidermis, which achieve the best effect of wrinkle removal.



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