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  • Q-switch laser tattoo removal pigmentation removal machine
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    Q-Switch Nd Yag Laser

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    Tattoo removal machine using Q-mode, the use of laser shot high energy effective crushing lesions in the organization of the pigmentation. That is, the principle of photo-blasting: the use of laser instantaneous high-energy, so that the radiation particles absorbed energy after the expansion of the rupture, part of the fission into more tiny particles from the body, part of the body through the lymphatic system excretion.

    Laser Type: Q-switched laser
    Wavelength: 1064nm / 532nm / 1320nm (black doll)
    Spot size: 1-5mm (continuously adjustable)
    Energy: 100-2000J / cm²
    Pulse width: 6-8ns
    Power: 2000W
    Frequency: 1-6Hz
    Cooling system: Air cooling+water cooling+semiconductor 
    Screen: 8.0 inch true color touch screen
    Power supply: 200-240V AC / 50HZ 100-120V AC / 60HZ

    The system gem-adjusting Q switch can effectively cure the mixed pigments by pigment precipitation of extraneous source with pathological pigment change of endogenous source, inclusive of erroneous dark eyebrow-embroidery, lip-embroidery, lip-soak, eye line-embroidery, lip-line, tattoo (inclusive of tattoo by extraneous wounds), pigment precipitation by sensitive source, freckle on female's face (male's), coffee spot, old age spot, black mole, and birthmark in black, blue, purple, brown, red and etc.

    ·Eyebrow-embroidery (eyeline grain) :1 -2 times 30-60 days
    ·Eyebrow-embroidery ( eyeline embroidery): 1-3 times 45-60 days
    ·Lipline (red dyed lip) 1-3 times 15-45 days 
    ·Tattoo ( caused by extraneous wounds) :1-4 times 30-60 days 
    ·Freckle, old age spot: 1-4 times 15-30 days 
    ·Birthmark, naevus :3-7 times 45-90 days 

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